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Maximum temperature : 100 C Degree
Consistency : 1-40%
Size : 0.005- 15mm
Automation Grade : Semi Automatic
Material : Stainless Steel
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Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer and Suppliers

Before understanding the decanter centrifuge, we need to understand what a centrifuge is. A centrifuge is nothing but a system that helps in the separation of components from a liquid or fluid. The process is carried out by rotating the liquid or the fluid in a closed container at a high speed so that liquid or fluid of different densities can be separated. Therefore, if we talk about the types of centrifuges then one of them is the decanter centrifuge which separates solids and liquids from each other by centrifuge. Now, if we talk about the basic design of the system then it consists of a rotating bowl which is followed by the motor and also there is the presence of a screw conveyor inside the bowl that rotates at a slow speed.


The next thing is the feed material that is introduced in it through the feed tube which is subjected to high centrifugal force which ultimately helps in settling down the high-density solids at the perimeter of the bowl and letting the lighter liquids move towards the centre. The screw conveyor which is present inside the bowl pushes the solids towards the narrow end of the bowl and on the other hand, the liquid part gets overflowed from the opposite side of the bowl. A decanter centrifuge has wide applications in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical products. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that the plant you are going to buy for your use is of top-notch quality and this is what we at Trity Environ Solution offer to our customers at a cheap rate.


Features of Decanter Centrifuge


Since the decanter centrifuge is used to do complex tasks like separating the components from the liquid by involving a series of processes then it is very important to use the Best Quality Decanter Centrifuge and the use of this plant is basically more in the industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical production and many more. There are some of the important features are mentioned below-


Bowl: There is the presence of a cylindrical bowl that is made up of corrosion-resistant material. The bowl is there to rotate at a high speed and also it is designed to handle different types of feed material.


Screw Conveyor: The bowl contains a conveyor which is known as a screw conveyor which rotates relatively at a lower speed than the bowl and it assists in moving the solids towards the narrow end and liquid discharge from the wider end.


Differential Speeds: The main part is the bowl and screw conveyor that rotates for their purpose but also there is a provision to regulate the speed between these two. Regulation of speed determines the level of separation so, so the higher the differential speed higher the better separation but the disadvantage of this is that it causes more wear and tear on the machine.


Uses of Decanter Centrifuge-


A Decanter centrifuge which can be easily supplied through a Decanter Centrifuge supplier is used in many industries where the separation of components from a liquid or fluid is required. Some of the uses of a decanter centrifuge are given below-


Treatment of wastewater: A decanter centrifuge is used to separate the components in the wastewater treatment plant and here the decanter centrifuge helps in the removal of solids from the wastewater so that it can be further recycled and reused. So, if anybody is thinking to buy a decanter centrifuge machine then it can be easily purchased by contacting a Decanter Centrifuge manufacturer in India.


Pharmaceutical Industry: Decanter centrifuge is widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where the separation of solid and liquid takes place while producing antibiotics, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products.


Food and Beverage Industry: The decanter centrifuge is also widely used in the food and beverage industry where the separation of solids from liquids like fruit juices, beer and wine takes place.


Low Maintenance: Decanter centrifuges are designed to operate continuously with minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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