Sludge Dewatering Instrument

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Treatment Technology : Mixed Bed Bio Reactor(MBBR)
Country of Origin : Made in India
Deliver Type : PAN India
Application Industry : Commercial
Capacity (KLD/MLD) : 500 KLD
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Sludge Dewatering Equipment Manufacturer


We Trity Environ Solution one of the oldest and most reputed companies in the market manufacture and provide quality plants and their equipment to our clients along with the complete services that are required. We have our team of experts who are constantly working and worked in the past which led to the development of some of the best plants that are used for the treatment of wastewater in order to reuse the same water for another purpose rather than directly jumping on the freshwater resources. So, today we are here to discuss one of the advanced technologies sludge dewatering instruments whose job is to separate water from sludge which is a by-product of the wastewater treatment process. Sludge is something that consists of both organic and inorganic solids as well as water. And it is the process of dewatering that reduces the volume and weight of the sludge ultimately helping in making it easier and less expensive while transporting and disposing it of.


Our company is of the oldest companies in the market and we are providing quality service to our clients for many years. Our team of experts are working hard day and night in order to provide the best service to our customers. It is the feedback and the response that we got from our customers that makes us the most preferable as well as reputed in the market. Anyone who wishes to buy and install a Sludge Dewatering Instrument can contact our representative and take all the required assistance in order to install the plant.


Types of Sludge Dewatering Instruments


There are many types of sludge dewatering instruments that can be purchased through the help of a Dewatering Instrument manufacturer and below are mentioned some of the types of sludge dewatering instruments


● Belt Filter Presses- It is an instrument that uses a series of the belt in order to separate the water from the sludge here it works in the following way, firstly the sludge is sent into the press, and after that belt presses which helps in force removal of the water from sludge and lastly the dewatered sludge comes as a cake.


● Centrifuges- In this instrument which can be easily availed through a Dewatering Instrument Suppliers, there is a use of centrifugal force which helps in the separation of water from the sludge which then enters into the centrifuge that spins at a very high speed. Lastly what happens is that centrifugal forces separated water from the solid and ultimately dewatered sludge is discharged from the centrifuge.


● Screw Presses- This instrument uses a screw in the process in order to apply pressure on the sludge and let the water come out of the sludge, after this sludge is sent into the press and then the screw applies pressure on it to move it along. The dewatered sludge is then removed from the press as a cake and all these instruments can be bought easily with the help of Sludge Dewatering Instrument suppliers in India.


● Plate and Frame Filter Presses- Here to remove the water from the sludge, there uses a series of plate and frame, and later on the sludge is again sent to the press, and the plate and frame applies pressure on them in order to remove water from it that ultimately results in coming out of the press as a cake

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