Sequencing Batch Reactor

Sequential Batch Reactors or Sequencing batch reactors (SBR) are industrial processing tanks for the...

Phase : Three phase
Country of Origin : Made in India
Material of Construction : Stainless Steel
Max Pressure : 0-3 kg
Capacity : <1 KL
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Sequencing Batch Reactor Manufacturer


Sequencing batch reactor is simply an advanced wastewater treatment plant that ensures cost effective and efficient treatment in a single tank. This reactor works on a simple sequencing process that treats wastewater in a batch mode where the process is divided in three stages and those are fill, react, settle and decant. The reactors are much more flexible and they are used for a variety of wastewater treatment applications and that’s why we are offering the SBR at a very cheap rate which can be easily availed through SBR Manufacturers and suppliers and also, we offer complete guarantee. We provide all these services throughout the country and we have our offices in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Surat, and many other cities.


● The system is suitable for situations where there is too much variation of flow because they can adapt to the changing conditions easily and enhance their performance.


● Another benefit is that it does not require any aeration during the settling and decanting phases, which ultimately helps in energy saving in comparison to other wastewater treatment technologies


● Another important thing is to note that the system produces high-quality content with low levels of suspended solids, organic matter, and nutrients.


Use of sequencing batch reactor in industries


The purpose of the reactor is to treat the wastewater treatment which helps in recycling the used water and then reuse it for some other purpose rather than discharging it into the environment which ultimately helps in reducing the pressure on the water resources and one can easily buy the system through Sequencing Batch Reactor suppliers. There are many uses but the main use of this system includes industrial use and some of them are mentioned below-:


● Food and beverage industry-  This reactor is widely used to treat wastewater from food processing plants, breweries and distilleries in the food and beverage industry. It can remove high organic matter including fats, oil, and grease.


● Chemical Industry- It is also used to treat wastewater in chemical industries to remove heavy metals, organic compounds as well as toxic substances. Therefore, one can get this reactor easily anywhere in India and suppose that a person is doing business in Patna then he/she can get this system easily by contacting a Sequencing Batch Reactor Manufacturer.


● Textile Industry- Another important industry that uses this reactor is the textile industry which also releases a huge amount of wastewater. Here, the SBR removes all the dyes, solvents and other pollutants from the wastewater and ultimately makes it safe for discharging it.



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