Multi Grade Filter

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Semi Automatic : Yes
Country of Origin : Made in India
Type Of Machines : Sand Filtration
Filter Type : Multigrade Sand Filter
Usage/Application : Industrial
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Multi Grade Filter Manufacturers and Suppliers


Trity Environ Solution is one of the oldest companies that are manufacturing and supplies wastewater treatment plants at a very cheap rate. We provide quality services to our clients to achieve the desired result by deploying the best team of experts to the project. Our experts are uninterruptedly working for the advancement of the system. So, today we are here to talk about another kind of wastewater treatment system that treats the wastewater by involving various size filter media. The topic for today is the multi-grade filter that is which can be easily purchased with the help of Multi Grade Filter manufacturer and also removes the contaminants from the wastewater, here the filter media can be composed of sand, gravel, anthracite, or other materials, each with varying particle sizes. In a multi-grade filter what happens is that larger particles get stuck in the upper layer of the filter and smaller particles in the lower part of the filter.


One of the biggest advantages of multi-grade filters is that they can remove a wide range of contaminants including sediment, turbidity, and organic matter, and also it can be customized to meet the specific quality of water by adjusting the size of the filter media. Since we are one of the biggest Multi Grade Filter suppliers, therefore we would also like to discuss its working that happens in various stages-


Coarse Filtration- It is the first stage of filtration where it involves a layer of filter media such as gravel and pebble, which helps in removing the larger particles and debris from the wastewater


Medium Filtration- This is the second stage of working in a multi-grade filter that can be easily availed through a  Multi Grade Filter supplier in Delhi/NCR where there is a filter media such as sand which ultimately helps in the removal of impurities from the water.


Fine Filtration- The third stage of filtration is where there is a filter media present which is made up of anthracite or activated carbon. It helps in removing the finer particles as well as the organic matter from the water.


Polishing- It is the final stage of filtration where there is a layer of polishing media such as garnet or calcite which helps in improving the quality and clarity of the water by removing any left impurities.


Uses of Multigrade fitler


There is wide use of multigrade filters such as in industries where there is a huge requirement for water and some of the key usages of multi-grade filters are mentioned below-


● Municipal Water Treatment- It is generally used in municipal water treatment systems where the removal of sediment, turbidity as well as other impurities is necessary before the delivery of water to the customers.


● Food and Beverage Production- The system is used widely in food and beverages industries where it is necessary to maintain the quality and flavor of the final product after the removal of impurities from the water.


● Pharmaceuticals Industries- Multi-grade filters are used in the pharmaceutical industries in order to remove all the impurities from the water so that it can meet the quality prescribed by the authority.

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