Dissolved Air Flotation

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Air flow rate(m3/h) : All
Type : Horizontal Flow, Circular, Rectangular
Installation Service : Provided
Treated Water Quality : 95% REDUCTION
Water Source : Industrial Effluent
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Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems Manufacturer 

One of the best methods for wastewater treatment is to use the Dissolved Air Flotation process which separates the suspended oil, grease, and other contaminants from the water with the help of air bubbles. In the DAF Systems, what happens is that air under high pressure gets inserted into the water and then released into the flotation tank. Then ultimately what happens is that air bubbles get after the surface of the water after the pollutants and the contaminants with them by making a froth which can be removed using a skimming mechanism.


As there is much use of this process but the wider use includes the industry where the concentration of solid or oil is more. And the best part about the plant is that it not only does all these works but also the system is cost-efficient along with this, it too requires lesser space in comparison to other plants of a similar segment. Also, it has the ability to adapt the changes according to the situation so that efficient results can be achieved. One can easily buy this machine by contacting any DAF manufacturer and suppliers in their area and get all guidance for both the pre and post-installation periods.


Components  and the Working of a Dissolved Air Flotation:


The dissolved Air Flotation process basically works for the treatment of wastewater that basically comes from industries, so that contaminated water can be recycled and reused in order to lower the demand for freshwater resources-. Below are mentioned the components of Dissolved Air Flotation-


● Mixing and Flocculation Tank- It is the tank where the wastewater is introduced for the first time into the system and after that here the chemicals are added to promote the formation of the flocs which looks like cluster or particles that are easier to remove as well.


● DAF Tank- This is what we called as the heart of the system, here is the place where flotation takes place and it is designed in such a way that it encourages the formation of microbubbles of air. Then, these air bubbles attach to the flocs and let them float on the surface of the water, which forms a layer of sludge that can be removed easily.


● Skimmer- It is the skimmer that with the skimming process removes the sludge layer that gets forms on the surface of the water. It consists of blades it which collect the sludge so that it can be removed easily.


● Air Dissolving System- The system responsible for producing microbubbles of air that are used in the process of flotation. This system contains a compressor, pressure vessel, and release valve.


Why TRITY’s Air Flotation Technology


There are many companies in the market that are offering this technology but we at Trity Environ Solution, are one of the largest Dissolved Air Flotation manufacturers in India who strives for the best service to their clients by offering them all the assistance pre and post-installation of the machine along with the warranty so that they do not feel any problem in further. You might raise a question why opt for the Trity’t Dissolved Flotation Technology then the answer to this question can give by describing some of its features that are discussed below-


● Top-Notch Performance- We manufacture the best machine for our clients which can remain long-lasting along with the ability to deliver top-notch performance by adapting to the situation quickly.


● Highly Economical- Along with providing top-notch service, it is also equally important for us to deliver it to our clients at a cheaper rate. That’s why our experts have developed the system by putting a lot of effort into it so that it can remain cost-effective.


● Energy Saving- Apart from all other aspects we have ensured that our designed system remains cost-free along with that we emphasised keeping it energy-saving as much as possible so that the complete process can remain energy-saving.

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