Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Automation Grade : Automatic
Country of Origin : Made in India
Inlet Flow Rate(m3/day) : 100 m3/day
Inlet Flow Rate(m3/day) : 100 m3/day
Air Blower Count : 2 Blowers
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Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturer


We all know the importance of water and therefore, be it any industry there is a need for water for producing any good. But, have you ever thought about what would happen when all the resources of water would come to an end? If the answer is no then it is very important to understand the consequences. Therefore, we have come up with an infrastructure where we are offering a Wastewater Treatment Plant at a cheap rate which ensures the safe and effective treatment of wastewater from different sources before finally disposing it into the environment. The plant uses different processes to purify the water which includes physical, chemical and biological methods that ultimately help in removing particles that are hazardous to health like heavy metals, nutrients, pathogens that results in making it safe for reuse or discharge. Our experts have developed the system by doing their hard work so that the proper wastewater treatment can be done and unnecessary load can be avoided on other water resources. We have our representatives in many cities like Chennai, Lucknow, Cochin, Patna, Hamirpur and countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan etc. Therefore, among the other sellers, we assure you of quality service by providing all the required assistance pre and post installation of the machine.


Usage of Wastewater Treatment Plant


To save water in various industries, this is an essential infrastructure to have and one can easily get this by contacting a Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturers because its uses are heavy in nature and especially in industries. There are many uses of it but some of the most important are:-


● Pulp and Paper Industry- Wastewater Treatment Plants are widely used in pulp and paper industries during production which contain organic matter, suspended solids and bleach chemicals through biological and chemical processes.


● Oil and gas industries- There are many Wastewater Treatment Plant suppliers which are widely used in oil and gas industries during oil and gas production. Here the wastewater contains hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other contaminants which need to be removed with the help of physical, chemical and biological processes.


● Chemical industries- Similarly, in the chemical industries there is a huge volume of wastewater that also needs to be treated well and hence it requires the use of the wastewater treatment plant so that the used water can be recycled and reused for some other purposes rather than taking freshwater resource for the same purpose.

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