Anaerobic Digester

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Automation Grade : Manual
Plant Design : Modular
Fuel Type : Bio digester
Usage/Application : Industrial
Waste Processing Capacity : Upto 500 kg/day
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Anaerobic Digester Manufacturers & Suppliers


Another important system is an Anaerobic Digester which is often used to breakdown organic materials like animal waste, food waste as well as sewage sludge, and that too without the help of oxygen, its process is called as anaerobic digestion and it involves the microorganisms that help in breaking down the organic matter into biogas and other fertilizers. Today, we Trity Environ Solution are here to talk about one of the most important systems which is anaerobic digestion, it is a system that produces a gas through anaerobic digestion which is a mixture of gases like methane, carbon dioxide and other gases. Here the best thing is that it can be used as a source of renewable energy for the purpose of heating, electricity generation or transportation fuel. Also, the fertilizer produced by the process is of much value in agriculture.


Our team of experts that led to the development of this digester are qualified enough and it is their hard work years that led to the success of this system. We at Trity Environ Solution always thrive to provide quality service to customers by assuring them the best possible service both at the time of pre and post-installation of the system. We are one of the largest Anaerobic Digester manufacturers and suppliers in India and we provide all the possible support to our clients so that they do not need to face any difficulty while dealing with the system. Our experts have developed this system after years of experiment and the system is designed in such a way that it can operate on both a small and large scale depending upon the amount of organic waste being processed and the desired output.


Uses of Anaerobic Digester-


Since we are one of the largest Anaerobic Digestion manufacturers, therefore we would like to tell you that there are many uses for these systems but some of the key areas where these systems are primarily used are mentioned below-


● Municipal Wastewater Treatment- Being one of the largest Anaerobic Digestion suppliers in the market, we can tell you about many of its uses that include municipal wastewater treatment where anaerobic digestion is used to treat sludge from the wastewater sludge and reduce the volume of sludge that will help in disposing of it easily.


● Agriculture Waste Management- Anaerobic digester is also used in farmlands to process the animal manure and other waste that leads to the formation of biogas and other fertilizers that can be used in agriculture and also it can be sold to other persons.


● Industrial Wastewater Treatment- Anaerobic digestion is also used in industrial wastewater treatment plants where it separates the components of the wastewater and creates energy from it that can be used somewhere else.


● Food Waste Management- Also by processing the food waste there will create energy in the form of biogas and fertilizers after the processing of food waste. All these uses clearly state that using Anaerobic Digester has so many benefits reducing the greenhouse effect, energy generation, and waste reduction.

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