What is an Effluent Treatment Plant? A Guide to Sustainable Wastewater Management


The sustainability of environment for the progression of human wellbeing can’t be denied and negated. Well, Effluent Treatment Plant is one step in the way of creating the sustainability of environment by preventing the contamination of water, the ETP’s are used to treat the waste water coming out of industries, commercial plants and households.

What is an Effluent Treatment Plant?-

The ETP plant use to treat the waste water coming out of various sources, such as industrial processes, sewage systems, agricultural activities, and commercial establishments. Well, the reason behind using process of an ETP plant is to clean the waste and chemically induced substance from the water and then to release it in any water body or to use it for any purpose, after treatment the level of contamination in water goes down and thus the water is safe to release, and would no longer cause any environmental degradation or environmental pollution.

  • Many of the industrial establishments are mandatorily required to establish the water Treatment plants, more specifically all chemical plants, tanneries and other such industries which releases the water from there industrial units are require to establish the water treatment plant so that the contaminated water realised by their industrial unit does not go untreated to any water body and cause pollution to environment.
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Importance and advantage of Effluent treatment Plant-

We are in the age where utmost responsibility should be shown toward the protection of environment, all possible measures should be taken by us for securing the same. The importance of Effluent Treatment Plant need not to be highlighted because everyone knows what the water scarcity means to humans and ETP’s are the way to prohibit the contamination and water which will ultimately result in safeguard of water, thus in other way water means life to humans and ETP’s means the purity of the water.

There are various advantages of establishing an Effluent treatment plant and these advantages includes not only beneficial factors for the sustainability but also they are economically friendly to the industrial, commercial and household water treatment. Well following are few of the benefits and advantages of setting up ETP’s.

Pollution Removal- The sole aim behind setting of the effluent treatment plant is to remove the contamination from the water or to remove all possible pollutants form the water which may cause to further pollute the water bodies, the ETP’s are significantly required for removal of water pollution because we are in such an age when water is of scarcity, thus we can’t bear the further wastage of water by contamination.

Sustainability- The treatment of water by use of ETP’s are not only advantageous to environment but also to economy because it create the sustainability of certain things such as-

  • Reuse of Water- After the treatment of water it could be used for various purposes and thus saves the energy and money and underground water which otherwise would have used to produce water from water bodies. So, in a way the treatment of water not only reducing the contamination of water but also helping in the global sustainability.
  • Recovery of reusable substances- While treating the water the treatment plants separate the wastes from water and many a time these waste products are used for creating the energy such as, biogas is created from sludge.

Regulatory Compliance- The governments of the states as well as, union has made various regulatory laws which are meant to be followed by every industrial and commercial units and in case of violation the fine may be imposed. Well, the water treatment plant saves you from these punishment, so, seating up of the effluent treatment plant is not only for the social responsibility but also to save yourself from the fine and punishments.

Public Health- The removal of contamination and chemicals from the water before releasing it into water bodies saves many life, because the waste water does not only contaminates the fresh water sources but also the underground water, and the use of such contaminated water leads to degradation of public health and causes various diseases. Thus, only by establishing an effluent treatment plant one can save life to many, environment to all and money to himself.

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