What is the Connection between Wastewater Treatment and Local Ecosystem Health?


Clean and drinkable water is the need and right of every leaving being, and this right is compromised by various industrial and commercial activities. The waste fluid released by industrial setups had contaminated and polluted various fresh water bodies and underground water sources which has caused various health problems to humans along with animals. So, in a way wastewater is not only hazardous to humans but also to other living beings and to whole ecosystem thus, it is necessary for us to understand the importance of wastewater treatment to remove the contaminants and pollutants which can affect the ecology and marine environment.

What is wastewater treatment?

The wastewater treatment in simple terms is the way to remove the contaminants, pollutants and chemicals from water which may affect the water quality. The primary purpose of installing a water treatment plant is to treat the water, so that, it could be released to fresh water bodies without causing any pollution or may be used in for the purpose of irrigation. Well, the municipalities, chemical and tannery industries are very much equipped with the water treatment plants.

Inter-connection of wastewater treatment to health of ecosystem

Our ecosystem is heavily dependent on the availability of the water, life is not possible is there is no clean drinkable water. Thus keeping wastewater treatment plant to maintain the water quality is as essential as anything else. Well, followings are few examples to show the connection between wastewater treatment and local ecosystem health.

  • Water Quality Improvement: Water treatment plants use to remove the contaminants which may cause the pollution to water and by removing these contaminants and pollutant these treatment plants save the water from pollution and thus improve the water quality. We all know the effect of sewage on human health, it may cause health problems like diarrhea and other waterborne diseases whereas the establishment of treatment plant may save us from these problems.
  • Protecting Aquatic Ecosystems: The waste water if released untreated may destruct the life of many aquatic animals, so the discharge of untreated or poorly treated wastewater into natural water bodies can have harmful effects on aquatic ecosystems.
  • Human and Wildlife Health: Wastewater consist of various virus, bacteria and pathogens which may affect our health severely and to get rid of these problems we may opt the water treatment plant which provides a reliable solution of wastewater treatment.
  • Biodiversity and Habitat Protection: Water is the habitat of various marine leaving beings and healthy aquatic ecosystems various diverse aquatic life, such as fish, amphibians, invertebrates, and various plant species. So, by maintaining good water quality through wastewater treatment plants, local ecosystems can be improved to support biodiversity.
  • Reducing Chemical and Toxic Contaminants: The wastewater consist of various contaminants and pollutant and chemically induced contaminants are often found in industrial wastewater they contains a range of chemicals and toxic substances. By using wastewater treatment processes we can remove or reduce the concentration of these chemical contaminants, reducing their impact on aquatic and marine life.
  • Recreational and Aesthetic Benefits: The aesthetic and recreational values are two aspects of the clean water bodies. The clean water bodies are essential for recreational activities like swimming, boating, and fishing whereas it also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of an area.
  • Long-Term Sustainability: Water is the most essential component for the rise and fall of civilizations, the sustainability of the cities, communities and villages depends on the availability of the clean drinkable water sources, water also determines the health of local ecosystems (marine and aquatic life). And to keep the water quality in check, it is necessary to have water treatment plant so that the wastewater do not get into fresh water sources without being treated.

Now, we have understood all important aspects of the wastewater treatment and how it is connected with the local ecosystem. We know the effects of sewage on human health and what is the importance of sewage treatment and why municipalities or industries tend to establish these treatment plants. We can say that the clean water is not only important for the sustenance of humans but for whole ecosystem, water is essential part of ecosystem and thus if you want to keep environment and ecosystem healthy, do make sure to keep water healthy and clean.

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