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Minimum Order Quantity : 5 Cubic Meter
Country of Origin : Made in India
Model Type : Bio Pac Media
Filter Type : MBBR MEDIA
Usage/Application : Media For Biological System
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Equalization Tank Manufacturers


We at Trity Environ Solution always thrive to prove quality service to our customers with the help of our experts who are working day and night to achieve something remarkable. As we know that our resources are precious and also they are limited in quantity that’s it is our responsibility to use them in such a way that it gets used efficiently. So, today we are going to talk about another thing which is an equalization tank, a type of holding tank used in wastewater treatment plants to store and mix incoming wastewater from various sources. The purpose of an equalization tank is to provide a consistent flow rate and composition of wastewater to downstream processes such as biological treatment and clarification. The equalization tank serves as a buffer for peak flows and loadings, which can cause operational problems and upsets in downstream processes. By providing a consistent flow rate and composition, the equalization tank helps to optimize the performance of the downstream processes and improve the overall efficiency of the treatment plant.


Working of an Equalization Tank-


The working of the equalization tank which can be easily purchased through an Equalization Tank Manufacturer is not as tough as it seems and below it is explained in simple terms-


● Wastewater Inflow: The equalization tank receives wastewater from various sources that include households, industries, and stormwater runoff.


● Storage of wastewater: The wastewater is stored in the equalization tank for a specified period that completely depends on the flow rate and the volume of wastewater. During this period, the tank acts as a buffer to smooth out the variations in flow and load.


● Wastewater Mixing: The wastewater in the equalization tank is mixed thoroughly to ensure that the incoming wastewater is evenly distributed and that the composition of wastewater is uniform. This mixing can be achieved using mechanical mixers, diffusers, or natural circulation.


● Monitoring of Wastewater: The wastewater in the equalization tank is continuously monitored for parameters such as pH, temperature and flow rate to ensure that the downstream processes receive wastewater of consistent quality.


● Release of wastewater: After the wastewater gets mixed and monitored, it is released into the downstream processes such as biological treatment or clarification. The consistent flow rate and composition of wastewater provided by the equalization tank help to optimize the performance of these processes.


Benefits of Equalization


Tank Equalization tanks also known as EQ, is having many benefits, and some of them are mentioned below-


● Improved Treatment Efficiency: An EQ tank which one can easily get through an Equalization Tank supplier helps in regulating and balancing the flow of wastewater, which leads to consistent and more effective treatment. This prevents overloading or underloading of downstream treatment processes, resulting in better overall treatment efficiency.


● Reduction of Peak Flows: By holding and equalizing peak flows of wastewater, EQ tanks that are easily available through a manufacturer of Equalization Tank in India help reduce the size and cost of downstream treatment processes such as aeration tanks, clarifiers, and filters.


● Improved Quality of Effluent: EQ tanks help to stabilize the wastewater characteristics, leading to a more consistent quality of effluent being discharged. This results in better compliance with regulatory requirements.  Improved Operation and Maintenance: EQ tanks help to reduce shock loads and allow for better control of the wastewater treatment process, which leads to improved operation and maintenance of the plant.

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