Activated Carbon filters

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Working Pressure : 4-5 kg/cm2
Country of Origin : Made in India
Automation Grade : Manual
Inlet And Outlet Diameter : 4 Inch
Usage/Application : Water Filtration
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Activated Carbon Filters Manufacturer


As the level of pollution is increasing day by day and people are suffering a lot, also at the same time trees are being cut at a much higher pace than the earlier times due to the increase in pollution. Also, natural resources are being exhausted faster than ever and all these things will ultimately lead us to a time when there will be no resources left for us. Now is the time when we need to stop and think about our resources and also we need to conserve them by reusing the resources after their use. We Trity Environ Solution a leading manufacturer of STP plants and equipment for the treatment of waste materials so that they can be used further rather than directly jumping into the new resource.


Today we are here with our new product which is an Activated Carbon filter which is prepared by our experts after years of experiment. Now, you might be thinking that what it is? The answer to this question is that it is a type of air and water filter that uses activated carbon to remove the impurities from air and water. It is a porous material that is treated with oxygen so that the millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms and when the air or water passes through these open carbon atoms then the impurities get attached to the surface and deposited into the tiny pores. This process is known as adsorption.


Usage of Activated Carbon Filters


Since an activated carbon filter is one of the most successful methods of purifying air and water, apart from this, one can simply get this filter by contacting an Activated Carbon filter manufacturer in their area and also they will get all the support pre and post-delivery of the filters. These filters are generally used in industries where there is a requirement for purified water for the production of goods. There are many uses for these activated carbon filters but some of the key features are mentioned below-


● Water Treatment- The activated carbon filter is generally used in wastewater treatment systems, where it is used in removing impurities such as organic compounds, chlorine, and other volatile compounds, and the best part are that these filters can be used at both the point of use and point of entry that includes residential and industrial settings.


● Air Purification- Activated carbon filters are often used to treat air pollution and the areas where these filters are often used include commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools. The filter helps in removing odour, volatile organic compounds other pollutants from the indoor air quality and one can easily get this filter by contacting an Activated Carbon filters suppliers.


● Food and Beverage Industry- Activated carbon filter plays a very important role in the food and beverage industry because it removes impurities from the water along with the unwanted taste that ultimately helps in food processing, brewing, and bottling operations.


● Pharmaceutical Industry- Also these active carbon filters are used in pharmaceutical industries in order to provide clean air in the rooms, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.


● Chemical Industry- Activated carbon filters are also used in the chemical industry in order to remove the impurities from chemicals, oil, and other chemicals along with this, also it is used in the production of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide where it stabilises final product.

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