In India, how hazardous and toxic wastes can be effectively disposed?


Waste has been a long and ongoing problem for India. In the list of highly polluted cities, Indian cities comes first and this has been a major problem to India. The waste does not only pollute cities but also creates various health related problems and thus the hazardous and toxic wastes needs to be addressed.

The improper disposal of waste may leads various serious consequences for human health and environment. To effectively dispose-off the hazardous and toxic waste, several measures and regulations are in place but before getting into it, we need to understand the hazardous and toxic wastes.

What is hazardous and toxic wastes?

The hazardous and toxic wastes are type of wastes which possess high risk to human health and environment, these wastes are released from various industrial, commercial and domestic sources and if these waste do not get segregated and disposed properly, they will create ill effect to human health. Well, for proper segregation and disposal of waste we need to understand hazardous and toxic wastes.

  • Hazardous wastes- Those waste referred as hazardous waste materials which are potentially harmful, dangerous, or possess a risk to human health, safety, or the environment. Substances like chemicals, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and various industrial by-products are example of hazardous wastes.
  • Toxic wastes- Toxic waste materials are those which contains harmful or poisonous substances and leads to several health issues or environmental damage when released into the environment. The waste material like lead, mercury, cadmium, organic chemicals pesticides, PCBs, or radioactive materials are examples of toxic wastes.

How hazardous and toxic wastes can be effectively disposed?

There are various ways to address and dispose the toxic waste, the government initiatives, public participation and waste reduction are the ways used to dispose-off the toxic and hazardous waste, and following is the list of methods of disposal of hazardous waste.

Government initiatives-

Government can dispose-off and address the waste by using different methods and initiatives the below mentioned ways are few steps which government should take to address the waste problems.

  • Authorized Facilities: The government of states and municipalities should maintain the authorized facilities for the management and disposal of hazardous waste, such as secured landfills, incinerators, or treatment facilities.
  • Treatment and Neutralization: The hazardous waste needs to be well treated or neutralized for the proper disposal. The neutralization and treatment methods may include various chemical, physical, or biological processes to make the waste less harmful for human and environment.
  • Secure Landfills: Wastes are required to be treated but the waste that cannot be treated should be typically disposed-off in secure landfills designed to prevent and prohibit leaching or contaminating soil and groundwater. Underground disposal of hazardous waste could also be opted as the possible way to dispose the waste.
  • Incineration: Government should create and maintain the incineration facilities, so that the hazardous wastes can be safely disposed-off through incineration.
  • Enforcement and Monitoring: Government could use various authorities to regulate and maintain proper implication of laws. The regulatory authorities such as the CPCB and SPCBs are framed for the enforcement of the rules and monitoring compliance with the proper regulations.

Waste reduction-

We can use the bellow mentioned ways to reduce the waste from the environment.

  • Recycling and Reuse: The reuse and recycling of the waste material is the best possible method to treat the waste material, by recycling the waste we can utilize the waste in best possible way.
  • Transportation: Those waste which could not be treated on-site should be sifted to treatment site by use of proper transportation, it helps us in reducing the waste disposal and removing various waste material which could be reused, such as plastic bags and polythene.

Public collaboration-

Any initiative cannot succeed and until it gets public collaboration and public participation and these two can only be achieved by creating public participation.

  • Awareness and Training: Providing awareness and training to common peoples is the best way possible for disposal of the waste, the awareness and training program helps us generating the sense of self service among people for keeping our surroundings free from waste.
  • Public Participation: Public participation is the best way to address the waste, until we get the public participation we can’t address the waste in best possible way and thus for proper disposal of waste public participation is required.

By utilizing the above mentioned ways we could address the hazardous and waste material in India the disposal of waste material is required for the cleanliness of the surroundings as well as for keeping our health in check.

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