Filter Press for Sludge Dewatering

Filter Press Sludge Dewatering Manufacturer in Delhi-NCR. Trity Enviro Solutions manufacturer...

Material : Mild Steel
Country of Origin : Made in India
Filtration Capacity : 2000-3000 litres/hr
Automation Grade : Automatic
Usage/Application : Industrial
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Filter Press for Sludge Dewatering

We at Trity Environ Solution are here to make you understand the concept of filter press and sludge dewatering, therefore, before proceeding to understand what is a filter press for sludge watering, you need to understand what is sludge dewatering. Sludge means the mixture of wastewater and solids and sludge dewatering means the removal of solids and liquids from the mixture through a process. Sludge is generated while the treatment of wastewater through the process of physical, chemical, and biological treatment and it contains a high level of water and organic matter that makes it difficult to dispose of them. Dewatering means the removal of liquid from the sludge, therefore, it reduces the volume of sludge which then becomes easy to handle and dispose of that ultimately helping to reduce the environmental impact of sludge disposal.


As far as sludge dewatering is considered then you should definitely know about the different methods of sludge dewatering that involve filter presses, belt presses, centrifuges, and drying beds. But today we are going to discuss one of these methods which is the filter press for sludge dewatering. Filter press is a device that is specially designed and developed for the treatment of sludge and it operates by applying pressure on sludge through a series of filter plates and frames that contains filter cloth or membranes attached to them and the best part is that the filter Press for Sludge Dewatering can be easily availed through contacting the suppliers in your area. The purpose of the filter press is to apply pressure through various components like the frame, the filter plates, the filter cloths or membranes, and the hydraulic system. But here the twist is that the filter cloths or membranes are customizable based on the properties of sludge such as particle size, concentration, and composition.


Features of Filter Press for Sludge Dewatering


Our company is one of the oldest companies that are manufacturing and supplying different kinds of plants and their equipment for the treatment of wastewater, our experts have developed these plants and equipment after years of hard work. We assure our clients that we are one of the best Filter Press manufacturers and we will provide them with all the guidance required before and after the installation of the plant. As far as features of the filter press are concerned, although there are many features some of the key features are mentioned as-


Design of plate and frame- The filter press consists of plates and frames along with filter cloth and membranes sticked to it and they are arranged and the sludge gets pumped into the space between them,


Hydraulic System- A filter press that can be availed anywhere after contacting the Filter Press supplier in India uses hydraulic pressure to compress the frame and plates and then squeezing the sludge which will ultimately help in separating solid and liquid from the sludge.


Filtration Rate- It refers to the speed at which liquid passes through the cloths or the membrane and also the rate of filtration can be adjusted based on the nature of the sludge and also you can get all other guidance after contacting Filter Press suppliers.


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