Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Plant


The waste water treatment plants plays one of the major contribution in keeping the environment clean by treating the waste water before releasing it into water bodies. It has become the need of our time to pay the precautionary steps toward environment, and the wastewater treatment plants have proved to be one of the best possible way to keep the environment free form marine pollution, but while operating the waste water treatment plant we face few challenges regarding its efficiency, infrastructure, management and resolving this concerns are important for the proper operation of the wastewater treatment plants.

Tips to improve efficiency of wastewater treatment plant

Although, there are certain problems which may arise in the treatment plants but the municipalities and industries to improve the efficiency of water treatment may follow the below mentioned tips and tricks. Now, we have divided the tips in two modules first to deal with the infrastructural problem and second to deal with the other problems which may be dealt with the mere keen observation of the plant.


The well-being of the infrastructure is one of the primary concern of every treatment plant, and to keep the infrastructure of the treatment plant efficient and maintained we can optimize the below mentioned tips.

  • Regular Maintenance: Ensure that all the equipment are well-maintained to prevent breakdowns and downtime. Create a maintenance schedule and adhere to it diligently, the proper maintenance will save you from the bigger probable malfunctioning.
  • Optimize Process Control: Implement the advanced process control systems to monitor and control the treatment processes. These systems may help you maintain the optimal conditions and reduce energy and chemical consumption of the plant and thus save you from the further cost.
  • Upgrading Technology: Consider upgrading to more advanced treatment technologies if the current system is outdated or inefficient. The continuous up-gradation of the machines and equipment will not only make your plant advanced but also save you from the possible infrastructural dysfunctional.
  • Reduce Inflow and Infiltration (I&I): Minimize the incoming of the storm water and groundwater into wastewater system, as this can cause the overloading into the treatment plant. By proper maintenance and repairing of the sewer lines and manholes you can prevent the inflow of the extra water into the plant.
  • Equalization Basin: Use equalization basins to buffer flow variations, and do ensuring a consistent load for the treatment processes and preventing any shock loading. The shock loading may cause the failure on infrastructure and can also cause the efficiency of the plant.

Observation of the following-

The keen observation of the following points may make your plant efficient, the observation lead us toward the possible happenings and thus with that observation you can save the plant form and probable problem which may arise in your plant.

  • Chemical Usage: Do observe the chemical usage of your plant and try to minimize the use of chemicals like coagulants and flocculants by optimizing dosage and considering alternative treatment methods.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Do install the real-time monitoring systems, so that you can track the effluent quality and key process parameters. This data can be used for the better control and decision-making of the plant.
  • Data Analytics: To improve the water treatment plant efficiency we may opt data analytics and we can use it to predict trends and optimize the treatment processes.
  • Chemical Precipitation: Do observe and utilize the chemical precipitation processes to remove the heavy metals and other pollutants effectively.
  • Sludge Management: By optimizing the sludge dewatering and disposal processes you can reduce the disposal costs and also the environmental impact.
  • Operator Training: Having the trained operators are one of the most neglected aspect of every treatment plant and you may be surprised to know that the efficiency of the operators effects the operation of plant more than any other thing. Thus, make sure to have the well trained operators for the pant and if you do not have such operators than organise training program for the operators.
  • Energy Efficiency: The power consumption of the wastewater treatment plant effects the environment as well as the budget of the operation thus implement the energy-efficient technologies like variable frequency drives (VFDs) and high-efficiency motors so that, you can reduce the energy consumption of the plant.

By following the above mentioned tips you can avoid many deteriorating consequences and can also improve the efficiency of your wastewater treatment plant.

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