What should you avoid when buying a STP or ETP plant?


Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) are the mechanism of clearing the waste water before releasing it into the water bodies. The STP are used profoundly to treat the water of the domestic and sewage waste, whereas ETP’s are used for clearing the impurities and pollutants coming out of factories and industries. Well, before discussing about essentials which should be taken care off before buying the STP or ETP we need to know the exact use of STP and ETP.

What is STP?

The sewage Treatment plant is used for the purpose of removing impurities, pollutants and chemicals out of the waste water, the STP are implanted mostly for treating domestic waste water. Municipalities use to setup the STP plants for treating the domestic waste water, so that, they could release it to some fresh water body or may use it for further purposes. The treatment of water in STP goes in three steps.

  • First or primary step is to remove solid particles from the waste water, sedimentation is applied for removing solid particles of pollutants.
  • Secondary step is to break down the organic matters by using biological filters.
  • Third and last step is to clean the water further for removing the remaining impurities.

What is ETP?

The Effluent Treatment plants are primarily used in industrial plants for treating waste water coming out of industries, these plants use to treat chemical substances present in the water coming out of plants and then after treating such contaminated water they release it into the water bodies or use it for other purposes. The treatment of water in Effluent Treatment plants goes in four primary steps and these steps are.

  • First step is Physical Treatment, which is to remove solid particles and other impurities by Methods like sedimentation, coagulation.
  • Second step is Chemical processes such as pH adjustment or to remove the chemically active pollutants from the water.
  • Third step is the Biological Treatment which is used to treat the organic pollutants that can be present in the waste water.
  • Fourth and last step is to remove specific contaminants or adjust the treated water as per the regulation made by statutory provisions about the treated water.

What should you avoid while buying a STP or ETP plant?

While buying a sewage treatment plant or effluent treatment plant we need to take care of few things and avoid few things and in following points, we are going to discuss the same. We will get to know, that what is it that you need to consciously avoid while you buy a STP or ETP plant for your domestic our industrial waste water treatment.

  1. Ignoring the regulatory compliances: Every state have its own pollution control board and every state have its own laws regarding control and prevention of pollution. So, while buying the STP or ETP plant one need to take care of the legal provision and consciously check whether the standard of the plant is in compliances with the laws.
  2. Overlooking the needs: Every industry or factory is different in size and thus have different needs. Some release big amount of waste water while other may release too less in compare to that of other. So, while buying any STP or ETP plant one needs to asses and understand the clear need and then buy the big or small plants.
  3. Neglecting Future anticipation: Keeping in mind that the STP or ETP plants are durable you need to consider the future growth of your facility or business. If you anticipate increased wastewater generation, make sure the STP or ETP system which you are buying can be easily expanded to accommodate higher loads.
  4. Disregarding Local Conditions: Every place is different from other the weather and condition of every location is different from other. It might be the possibility that the machine which works at one place might not work in other place with same efficiency. So, while buying a STP or ETP you need to choose a system that is suitable for your specific location and conditions.
  5. Solely being money centric: While money is important factor in doing business, but if want a long standing plant, so better not compromise with the equipment by being money centric.

While we have disused few of the most important things which you could avoid while buying a STP or ETP plant, we want to tell you that we Trity Enviro Solution are one of the biggest manufacturer of ETP’s and STP’s and, if you want to know anything about ETP’s or STP’s do not hesitate to make a call or massage to us on +91 9821030072 and enquiry@trityenviro.com.

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