What is the Difference between Sedimentation and Decantation? A Clear Explanation


The process of sedimentation and Decantation are quite different in their application and mechanisms, they both act on different principals and the application of the process are also different, but one thing which makes them common to each other is their object to separate the sold particle from the liquid. The sedimentation and decantation are used for various purposes for example, the water treatment plants use this method to separate the solid waste particle from the water, the wine manufacturer use it to separate the pulp from the liquid juice and there are many more such uses of it.

What is Sedimentation?

The sedimentation is a natural process and does require time and undisturbed liquid the rest would be done by gravity. In process of sedimentation great role is paid by gravity, the gravity use to pull-down the solid particles, and gradually settle it down in the base of the tank. For the process of sedimentation few things are essential out of which first is time, second is gravity and third is unhindered or undisturbed liquid. Well, the gravity will pull the particles down which will require time and meanwhile if there is constant disturbance in liquid than the gravity would not suffice to bring the solid particles down to the base of the liquid tank.

What is Decantation?

Decantation is the manually controlled method to slowly pouring off the clear liquid from the top of a container while leaving the settled solids in the base of the tank. In waste treatment plants this method of decantation is used only after sedimentation, when the process of sedimentation is applied and settled the solid particles down then only after that the process of decantation is used. So, in a way we can say that in water treatment plants the decantation is the secondary application of separating the solid particles and could not use without proper application of sedimentation. Sometimes the process of decantation is used in wine making or separation of juice from the pulps.

Difference between Sedimentation and Decantation

There are various differences between Sedimentation and Decantation two of the basic differences are about their principle and about the processing such as nature and type of settlement. Well, following are few difference between sedimentation and decantation.

  1. The sedimentation is the natural process which works on the principle of gravity whereas the Decantation is a manual or controlled process which acts on the manual pouring of liquid.
  2. Without gravity the sedimentation couldn’t be realised whereas Decantation is process of powering out the liquid which is already separated from its solid particles and thus, to realise the process of Decantation the electronic mortar pump or such other device could be used.
  3. In sedimentation the time taken is more in compare to decantation. The sedimentation is natural process thus time taken couldn’t be manually increased or decreased whereas in decantation the time could be manually manageable.
  4. Sedimentation requires a large tank or container where the liquid is allowed to stand undisturbed, so that, the gravity could do its job to settle the solid particles down, but in decantation no such requirements are there.
  5. Sedimentation is the process which is more often used in water treatment plants and wastewater treatment to remove suspended solids, whereas the decantation is used mostly in laboratories, winemaking, or in household applications such as pouring off the clear and clean liquid.
  6. The purpose of Sedimentation is to separate the solid particle from the liquid whereas the sole purpose of application of decantation is the separation of sediments from sediments.

While summarising we can say that sedimentation is the process of settling down of the solid particles present in the liquid whereas the decantation is the process of separating the liquid from solid by powering down the liquid. The process of sedimentation and decantation are more often used together to separate the solid particles from liquid, the waste water treatment plants and effluent treatment plants use these methods more commonly and more often to separate the solid waste from the water. Well, if you are looking for any manufacturer of the water treatment plant than no need to worry because we trity enviro solution is here for you, just make a call or massage to us on +91 9821030072 and enquiry@trityenviro.com and we will be available to you with all the answers to your queries.

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