How to Get NOC from CGWA?

How to Get NOC from CGWA?

NOC means the No Objection Certificate which says or acts as permission for doing something for which that particular NOC has been obtained. NOC is obtained for many purposes because we are here to talk about groundwater resources so we will talk about the NOC from that perspective. So, let’s begin, as we know that the level of groundwater is decreasing day by day and the day is not far when we will have to start looking for alternative resources which in our opinion is impossible. Also, the end of the resource would not only be trouble causing for us but for future generations as well so in order to prevent the end of the resources, we are required to do whatever we can to save the water resources. Apart from understanding that where this water is being used that the levels are decreasing day by day, now we are required to focus on how to save the groundwater resources for future use. First of all, we know that a large volume of water or say groundwater is being used in commercial buildings, large residential complexes and housing societies. So, to prevent these resources we have a body named Central Ground Water Authority whose job is to monitor and regulate the groundwater resources in all perspectives so that they cannot be over-exploited.


So, now you can easily understand the nexus that the best way to prevent groundwater resources is to use them in a conservative manner in addition if we can implement a policy that the government has already done it can save the groundwater resources. Here, the groundwater monitoring body has already laid down the rules on how to obtain the required permission so that one can extract the groundwater. A NOC is required for the extraction of groundwater from natural sources and before that, they will have to obtain all the required permissions as well as approvals from the authority before the extraction of the groundwater.


Advantages of Permission from CGWA


There are many advantages to getting all the approvals and other permissions from the required authority before the extraction of water from natural resources and some of them are mentioned below-


Legal Compliance- CGWA is the regulatory body in India for the monitoring of groundwater resources and obtaining a license from it will help you in avoiding any other legal as well as other consequences.


Sustainable Use- CGWA ensures the sustainable use of groundwater resources and prevents over-exploitation by regulating the amount of water to be extracted. This also helps in the depletion of groundwater resources.


Protection of Groundwater Quality- It is the job of the CGWA to main the quality of the groundwater and ensure that it is not contaminated with pollutants. Ultimately, it helps in preserving the quality of the groundwater resources.


Access to Subsidies and Financial Assistance- There are many cases where the obtaining of permissions from CGWA is required for subsidies and other financial assistance for groundwater projects related.