What are the biggest problems in sewage treatment plants?


Pollution is biggest threat to environment and a sewage treatment plant is a step towards clean environment. The fresh water sources such as rivers, lakes and ponds are contaminated by the untreated wastewater coming out of the industries or the household sewages, the sewage treatment plants are the systematic plants which are established to treat the sewage water before releasing it. Many a times the treated water used for the various purposes whereas most of the time the treated water is released to some fresh water sources such as rivers, this treated water does not cause contamination to water sources and is safe for environment.

What is sewage treatment plant?

The sewage treatment plants are also known as waste water treatment plants and they use to treat the waste water coming out of the residential, commercial or industrial sources and after treating the waste water, the STP’s use to release the same in the environment. The sole and primary goal of the sewage treatment plant is to remove the pollutants and contaminant from the water to protect the public health and prohibit diseases spread.

Sewage treatment plants vary in size and complexity depending on various factors such as the population they serve and the quality or volume of wastewater they receive. Well, the efficiency of the sewage treatment plants also defers, as the state water treatment plants which treat waste water for the purpose of reuse are more technically advance.

Biggest problems in sewage treatment plants

The sewage treatment plants use to deal with one of the biggest problem which is environmental pollution but despite being the problem solver they does have certain problem for themselves and here in this blog we are going to discuss about the biggest challenge of STP plants. Following are the few of the crucial problem which a sewage treatment plant faces.

  • Overloading: Here, overloading means the use of the Sewage treatment pants more than its capacity, many a times the sewage plants gets the volume of waste water which is more than its capacity and thus it releases the water untreated.
  • Blockages: Many a times pipes get blocked by the waste material and hinder the flow of the wastewater, this problem appears in most of the sewage treatment plants and thus they seems to be one of the biggest problems because in a big sewage setup it becomes hard to find the place where pipe is blocked.
  • Nutrient Pollution: Nutrient pollution, is caused mostly due to excessive amount of phosphorus and nitrogen in wastewater. The excess of these elements can be challenging and may cause problems in removing these nutrients from wastewater.
  • Industrial Discharges: Some of the industries release the hazardous chemicals as a waste which can be difficult to treat effectively. Controlling chemical discharges from industries and ensuring the compliance with environmental regulations is an ongoing sewage treatment plants problem.
  • Energy Consumption: The sewage treatment plants use a large amount of energy for its operation, thus raise the operational cost of the treatment plant and large amount of the energy consumption leads to question on the environmental friendliness of the treatment plant. So, the heavy energy consumption is one of the challenge to the sewage treatment plant which needs to be addressed.
  • Climate Change: The climate change is one of the ongoing problem which is faced by everyone in every sphere. The sewage treatment plants also face problems due to climate change such as, the excess rainfall cause high flow of waste water into treatment plant which ultimately damages the infrastructure can lead to operational inefficiencies,
  • Staffing and Expertise: STP problems are not limited to the volume and amount of waste water but, the employment of the experts are one of the problems as well, the good staffs and experts are required for the proper functioning of the plant and to find and employ such experts are one of the challenge.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Managing the regulatories and compliances issued by government is one of the major challenge to the sewage treatment plants, every state or municipalities have their own regulation and guidelines regarding STP’s and the violation of which may lead to monetary punishments.

The sewage treatment plants does have various challenges which we have discussed above but, if we act efficiently and consciously we can face these challenges without any problem and for that we need to understand and act properly. Well, if you want any assistance or have any query regarding sewage treatment plant than we Trity Enviro Solution are here for you, make sure to call or message us on +91 9821030072 and email us at enquiry@trityenviro.com.

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