Consent to Operate (CTO)

Consent to operate (CTO)

Consent to operate (CTO)

Being one of the most reputed companies in the market, it is our responsibility as well as duty in order to make our customers aware of the latest technologies that are being launched in the market. We at Trity Environ Solution assure you the best service from our company, as we deal with the different types of wastewater treatment plant which helps in treating the wastewater coming from different sources like large residential societies, housing complexes and industrial units. Since we all know that our precious resources like water are being exhausted at a faster pace which needs to be slowed down otherwise in the upcoming time, it would become difficult for ourselves as well as the future generation. Therefore, it is always a good option to opt for prevention than cure. We are always here to provide all the required suggestions to our customers in order to help them in installing any plant for wastewater treatment.


Since our experts are qualified enough and they know the need of the hour and that’s why they have developed these systems after years of hard work. These products are easily available in the market and one can easily purchase them through any manufacturer or supplier for their use. We also want you to know about these plants like how they work or what are the stages of the process. These plants simply work on a series of events that includes the treatment of wastewater through different stages that starts with the removal of the physical particles and ends with the removal of left pathogens and other contaminants through the process of disinfection, neutralization etc. This was all about our company and the working of the plants that we are offering to our customers. Now, another aspect comes in where we offer services unlike the one talked about earlier and these services include Consent to Operate consultancy.


Consent to operate is nothing but simply the required permissions that are given by the authorities to the industries and commercial facilities for conducting their operation. These permissions are given only after the facility has made all the arrangements and taken all the required measures in order to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment. The process of obtaining consent to operate is a process that includes the submission of an online application to the regulatory authorities including the details of the proposed operation including all the activities that would be involved in the facility. After the submission of the online application, the officials from the authorized department will visit the facility and after their visit, if they get satisfied with the arrangements then they will decide whether to approve or deny the permission to the applicant. Since the process is a little bit time taking that’s why we are here with our Consent to Operate consultant who can guide you in order to get the approval by making you aware of the process that needs to be completed.


One can easily conclude that obtaining all the required permissions from the authorized department is compulsory and neglecting them might lead to a penalty of a certain amount in the form of fine. These permissions are required because they will ensure that healthy practices are being performed as well as the usage of environmentally friendly equipment.