Wastewater Treatment with SBRs: An Introduction

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment

Water is the basic element for the survival of human beings and we all know this but can you imagine a life without water? Water is not only essential for us but also for other living organisms apart from humans, this is about the basics of living organisms but if we look at it from a commercial perspective then we can easily see around us that there are many industries, factories and other units where the water is essential and in fact the most demanding ingredient without which it cannot work. Similarly, the population is increasing as well so the demand for everything is increasing and that’s the main reason behind the increase in the number of industries around us.

Sequencing Batch Reactor

By now you must have understood what we are going to talk about, yes you are right today we are going to talk about wastewater management and its purification through a different mode that is known as sequencing batch reactors which are easily available in the market through a supplier. Now, you must be wondering what is it? Then, let us tell you that is a wastewater treatment plant system that operates in a batch mode, where the treatment cycle is divided into cycles. Wastewater treatment with SBRs takes place in the following manner-

  • The first step is the involving of a reactor that needs to be filled which later on aerating takes place which then processes the microbial digestion of organic pollutants.
  • The next step is the settling of separate treated water from the sludge, and then the decanting of the clarified water.

The best part of the Wastewater treatment plant is that it provides flexibility while handling the variable flow of water into the system, removal of organic matter and nutrient removal. Also, the plant is designed so perfectly that it can adapt to any changes in the scenario without putting in a lot of effort.

Working of a SBR to reduce effluent quality

As far as an SBR is considered we have already talked about it in a little detail earlier but now is the time to discuss the workings of an SBR which helps in the purification of wastewater and improves Effluent quality before the discharge takes place because the process of treatment makes it better for the discharge so that aquatic life can be preserved without causing harm to it. The working of an SBR is discussed below.

Stages of it Working

  • Fill-  At the first stage, the reactor needs to be filled with wastewater which flows through a pump or gravity flow.
  • Aeration- Once the aeration process begins after filling the reactor, air is pumped into the system to provide oxygen to the microorganisms which are primarily bacteria that break down the organic matter into the wastewater resulting in the conversion into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
  • Reaction- In this stage, the microorganisms involved in the process metabolise the organic pollutants, removing them from wastewater.
  • Settling- After the aeration process is completed the contents of the reactors are allowed to settle. The biomass flocculated during the aeration process settles down in the bottom of the reactor as a sludge.
  • Decant- After the settling process is completed, the clarified water is decanted from the top of the reactor which is of a higher quality than the influent wastewater.
  • Waste Sludge Removal-  In this stage, a portion of settled sludge is removed from the reactor to maintain a healthy biomass population which results in the prevention of accumulation of excess biomass and ensures efficient treatment.

Conclusion of the Introduction to Sequencing Batch Reactors

Since going through the different types of wastewater treatment plants existing in the market, today we have provided you an Introduction to sequencing batch reactors which is a unique wastewater treatment plant in itself. It simply works in the batch mode where the reactors are filled with wastewater coming from various sources through different stages in order to ensure that the wastewater is treated well so that its discharge can take place easily without putting much effort. Another thing that makes it better as well as unique from other treatment plants is that it is very flexible in its working and requires very little maintenance as well as human efforts to operate it.

So, if you are looking to install a wastewater treatment plant for your industry for the purpose of treatment of wastewater then you should definitely consider this machine which will allow you to completely focus on other works without having the pressure of keeping an eye on the SBR.

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