Grey Water Treatment Plant

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Treatment Technique : MBBR
Country of Origin : Made in India
Application Industry : Commercial
Water Source Type : Industrial Wastewater
Capacity(LPH) : More than 5000 LPH
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Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer 




Everyone knows about the growing population and the problem that comes with it, so one of those problems is the greywater issue. Greywater is simply used water that comes from sources that includes various kinds of factories, industries, and commercial units which is generally involved in the production of something. Still, the hack is that it cannot be compared with blackwater, which means the wastewater that comes from the toilet. Greywater may look like dirty water but with the help of a greywater treatment plant, it can be easily cleaned instead of sending it into the sewage. There are many greywater treatment plant manufacturers in Delhi/NCR but among those we are there to provide complete customer satisfaction by assisting them at every stage of installation and also we also provide guarantees to our customers so that they can have a hassle-free experience.


Greywater Treatment Plant


A treatment plant is nothing but a set of machines that is installed for purifying contaminated substances which might be present in the form of solid, liquid and semi-solid. The purpose of the treatment plant is to process or treat the wastewater from the various industries and factories, which helps in reducing the water consumption as well as environmental pollution. Similarly, for the treatment of greywater, there is a treatment plant which is known as the greywater treatment plant, which is designed to recycle and reuse the wastewater from commercial infrastructures like large societies, factories and industries which becomes a headache for them to deal with.


We are one of the top greywater treatment plant manufacturers in Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, Patna, Nepal, and Ahmedabad. We provide top-quality equipment to our customers so that they do not have to struggle with greywater treatment.


It simply works on a simple principle that includes three stages, first step is the pre-treatment stage where water is screened for the removal of large particles, then the biological treatment which includes the introduction of microorganisms to break down the organic matter in the water. The third and last stage is the disinfection and polishing of water so that it can be used for non-potable purposes.


Our experts have developed this Greywater treatment plant by putting a lot of effort into it and also they enabled us in installing these machines by converting them into a centralized system which makes it a lot easier while installing it anywhere for commercial purposes.


Features of Greywater Treatment Plant


The basic purpose of a greywater treatment plant is to treat and recycle the water for their reuse since the ground level water is getting decreased day by day, although alternatives are being tried but the use of a greywater treatment plan would ultimately help in lowering the consumption of fresh water. It has many features that make it worthwhile and some of those are mentioned below-


● Inlet and screening, where greywater is collected to get free from large particles and debris.


● Primary and Secondary treatment, which includes physical, chemical as well as biological treatment of water.


● Disinfection of water with the passage of UV rays or other methods to kill the remaining bacteria and pathogens.


● Monitors and controls all the systems to ensure that the machine is working in the proper manner for efficient results.


Application of greywater treatment plant


The greywater treatment plant is used in both sectors whether it is domestic or commercial. There are uncountable applications of greywater treatment plants but some of them are mentioned below-


● Residential Purpose- It can be installed at residential societies to treat the huge amount of waste that comes out in the form of water, and the best part is that it can completely recycle that waste and convert them into fresh water for non-potable purposes.


● Commercial Purpose- Similarly, it can also be installed at schools, official buildings, factories, and various industries to treat and recycle wastewater for non-potable usage.


● Industrial Purpose- Talking particularly about the different types of industries, where there happens many processes which create a lot of wastewater would be ideal places to put a greywater treatment plant. Here the plant will help in converting the wastewater into fresh water for using them in cleaning floors, and equipment, and for all other non-potable purposes. greywater treatment plant manufacturer in Delhi/NCR.

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