Water Use and Reuse in the Rice Industry


Everyone needs water for some purposes that include drinking, bathing and many other uses but have you ever imagined a situation when the water resource will come to an end and we will leave with no water, if not then now is the time to think about it. Because water is important or you can say the inalienable part of human life because straightforwardly, we can say that a human being cannot survive without water. Also, today we see that the population of humans is increasing rapidly and to cater for them there are many industries that are working to produce the necessary goods and meanwhile all of them require water as their basic ingredients because again we know that water is the basic element of anything and without it we are nothing. Also, we have limited sources of water with us so we are also supposed to use it judiciously otherwise it would lead to loss of us. So, after analyzing all the aspects present above, we can say how important it is to save water and when it comes to water conservation then one of the best methods is to install water treatment plants that can be purchased through an ETP Plant manufacturer in the market at a cheap rate and get it installed in the facility.

There are many companies present in the market but Trity Enviro Solution is completely different from them because here the experts are working in order to satisfy the customers in every possible way so that the sought purpose can be achieved. So, if the thought of installation of a water treatment plant ever crosses your mind, then you can contact us through the contact details given on the website. And then an executive from our company will be assigned to you in order to assess your needs and advise accordingly so that you do not require to spend the extra amount of money. We know how important the financial condition of a person and that’s why we always press on only the required things rather than the unwanted things. These plants are easily present in the market and you can get them easily through effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Sikandrabad at a cheap rate. These plants work in three stages primary treatment, secondary treatment, and tertiary treatment in order to clean water in an all-round manner. There are many industries that use these plants but among them today we are going to talk about the rice industry where the use of these plants is prevalent.

Use of Water in the Rice Industry

The rice industry is an important industry and one cannot deny that the requirement for water is too high in this industry that's why these industries need to have water treatment plants that can easily treat this water so that it can be reused for some other purposes and reduces the dependency on freshwater resources. Below are mentioned some of the use of effluent treatment plants in the rice industry

  • Irrigation- Rice is a crop that uses a lot of water, and it needs enough water to grow properly. To establish the ideal circumstances for rice growing, paddy fields are flooded. This method of cultivation, often referred to as "flooded" or "paddy" cultivation, keeps the soil moist while assisting in the management of weeds, pests, and diseases.
  • Harvesting- Prior to harvest, rice fields may be temporarily watered in some areas to soften the soil and facilitate the task. In order to safeguard rice plants from harm and promote effective collection, water is also employed during mechanical harvesting.
  • Rice Seedling Nursery- Early on in the production process, rice seeds are sown and nurtured in nurseries with regulated water supplies. Before they are planted in the main paddy fields, this guarantees the development of healthy seedlings.
  • Processing- In rice mills, water is a crucial ingredient. In order to clean the rice grains of contaminants, bran, and other undesirable components, it is used for processes including soaking, steaming, parboiling, and washing.
  • Parboiling- Before milling, rice is soaked, steamed, and dried as part of the parboiling process. The rice is steamed and partially cooked with water, enhancing its nutritious value and extending its shelf life.

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