Consent to Establishment

Consent to Establishment (CTE)

Consent to Establishment (CTE)


Trity Environ Solution is not just a name but a brand that is now the most reputed company in the market and we want to tell you that we provide different products for wastewater treatment since we all know the reality of water resources that are being exhausted at a very fast pace and we need to conserve those resources and not doing so will result in trouble causing not only for us but also for our future generations. At present, what happening is that rather than recycling and reusing the already used water we are searching for new resources which is absolutely wrong, and for preventing people from doing this we are here to provide some of the latest and advanced technologies like various wastewater water treatment plants like sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, oil skimmer and commercial RO plant, etc.


Now, you might be having many questions about how these plants work, what would be its price or what kind of services they provide. Are they really worth it? Then we would like to tell you that these plants work in a simple process that includes a series of processes like primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment and it all starts with the removal of physical particles and ends with the removal of organic matter with the help of microorganisms from wastewater. Our experts have developed these plants and their equipment after years of experiment so that a milestone can be achieved. These plants and their equipment are available easily in the market and they are very cheap to buy so anyone can buy them for their purpose.




Apart from the products and their equipment, we too ensure that whatever needs to be done should be done in the required way. That’s why we always go for consent to the establishment through our CTE consultancy which is the process of obtaining permission or one can say the approval before starting or initiating any work and activity which may have an impact on the environment. The purpose behind obtaining this approval is to ensure that the activity complies with the prescribed standard provided by the authority. As far as environmental regulation is considered, the process of obtaining consent for establishment involves the submission of an application to the relevant authority which includes the information related to the activity, its impact on the environment, and the measures that will be taken in order to mitigate any adverse impact if arises and after this, if the approached authority thinks it to be appropriate then they will decide upon whether to approve or deny the required permission.


We know how important it is to preserve the environment and that’s why we provide Consent to Establishment consultants from the pollution control board to our customers so that they can get all the required approvals for their upcoming industrial or commercial activity. Consent to the establishment in the context of environmental regulation is a very important aspect as it ensures that whatever activity is about to take place must be carried out in a responsible manner. The biggest advantage of obtaining this permission is that it helps in preventing environmental damage along with the use of resources in a sustainable manner. Also, it will motivate the business owners to opt for the practices and the other equipment that is environment friendly.