Economic Valuation of Wastewater


Wastewater can be denied as the used water that comes through various sources like household works that include kitchen sinks, washrooms and other sources as well as commercial sources like residential societies and large housing complexes. This wastewater contains nothing but the harmful substances that come with dirt and this wastewater needs to be treated well because it is a well-known fact that there is a lack of water and humans are continuously searching and exploring alternatives to water so meanwhile what we can do is that we can treat these wastewaters through various plants availed in the market like sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant and many other that can simply treat the wastewater through a series of process and will make us enable to reuse that wastewater and that will not only help in saving the water but also it will lessen the dependency on freshwater resources for the future generation. Now, you must be thinking that how will you get these plants into the market but let us tell you that these plants can be easily availed through our wastewater treatment plant manufacturers who will not only help you in buying this plant but also assist you in installing the plant properly so that you can easily achieve your desired result.

Economic Valuation of Wastewater

This was about the wastewater plants but now is the time when we should focus on one another important aspect which is the economic valuation of wastewater that is being released from various sources. But before diving deep into the topic, we would further talk about the nature of wastewater. Wastewater, as we know comes from various sources like commercial complexes, industrial units, agricultural activities as well as general households. Wastewater contains so many harmful substances that have the clear potential to cause greater harm to the environment and aquatic life because generally what happens is that these wastewaters are discharged into the river or other water bodies without any treatment.

So, till now you must have understood how important is the wastewater treatment plant for the purpose of treating wastewater that can be easily purchased through a water treatment plant manufacturer. But as far as the economic valuation of wastewater is considered, first of all, we need to understand that what is the economic valuation of wastewater, is actually nothing but the assessment of the values of wastewater and the cost associated with the treatment and management of wastewater.

Now, as we have gone through the concept of economic valuation of wastewater in a narrow sense, then now is the time to consider some of the factors which are responsible for the economic value of the wastewater. Below are mentioned some of them-

Water Treatment Cost- The first and foremost cost associated with the treatment of wastewater is the removal of pollutants from the water and then making it safe for disposal. The next thing is that all of this requires infrastructure, equipment, chemicals, and energy for the process of treatment. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the cost depends upon the type of work which means level of treatment and scale of facility.

Environmental and Health Benefits- Treatment plants like effluent treatment plant provides significant benefits like prevention of water pollution, protection of aquatic system as well as waterborne disease along with protection of the ecosystem. This can be understood in a different manner which means that these benefits can be quantified in terms of money because they prevent or helps us in avoiding pollution-related damages such as public health.

Resource Recovery-  There are many valuable resources like nutrients which include nitrogen and phosphorus, energy like biogas and water itself that goes into waste with wastewater. Therefore, technologies are there like anaerobic digestion, nutrient recovery, and water reclamation allow us to collect these resources and reuse them which has economic value.

Water Scarcity and reuse-  Water scarcity is a serious concern and there are many regions where this issue is prevailing that’s why collecting wastewater and then reusing them for purposes rather than potable purposes like irrigation, industrial purposes, etc ultimately helps in reducing the demand for freshwater resources.

Economic Impacts on Local Communities-  Installation of treatment plants have many benefits like they create a job for people, generating revenue and also they attract industries that depend upon the wastewater. That’s why it is said that economic valuation considers both the direct and indirect economic benefits.

Cost Benefit Analysis- Economic valuation of wastewater contains a cost-benefit analysis to compare the cost of water treatment and its management to the benefits that are derived from them which helps decision makers in taking decisions on the economic viability of different wastewater treatment options.


So, we can conclude the above discussion over the topic of the economic valuation of wastewater by saying that wastewater too contains some important resources and they are also required to be taken out so that they can be used somewhere else. Discussion on some of the parameters clearly states how important it is to consider these factors when the economic valuation of wastewater comes to mind.

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