Sewage Treatment Plant for Apartments!


Keeping the environment safe has become the primary goal of human civilization and sewage treatment plant has become one of the way to achieve that goal, the STP helps in reducing the water pollution. It is used to treat the wastewater coming out of the industrial and domestic setups before releasing it into the fresh water bodies, even many a time the treated water get used for various purposes. Well, the establishment of the STP has been proven worthy for the treatment of the wastewater coming out of industries and municipalities sewages, but now the time arrived when we need to use STP for the purpose of treating water coming out of apartment, so that, we can make our surroundings eco-friendly and can achieve the goal of self-sustainability to make environment free form water pollution.

What is sewage treatment plant?

The STP or sewage treatment plant is the facility established for the treatment of the wastewater coming out of various sources such as from residential, commercial, or industrial complexes. The Primary objective of STP is to not let the wastewater flow into the fresh water sources without treatment, because the untreated water when mixed with the river or ponds causes contamination to the water bodies and thus increase pollution in environment. So, the sewage treatment plants are the best possible ways for the removal of the wastewater from the environment.

How sewage treatment plant is important for apartments?

There are numerous reason to go for the STP’s. With the increasing sense of environmental conservation people become keen to adapt the environmental sustainable system of livelihood, and for keeping our surrounding clean and environmental friendly the establishment of STP’s in apartments could be the best choice. Now, following are the few essential and important reason for STP’s in apartments.

  • Environmental Impact: The objective to keep the environment clean can’t be achieved without proper treatment of the sewage, the untreated sewage water can contaminate the natural water bodies, leading to pollution and harm of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Health and Hygiene: For keeping the good health and good hygiene the one thing which is primary is to adapt the clean environment and fresh water bodies because the inadequate wastewater treatment can cause the health risks to residents and the community at large.
  • Resource Conservation: The waste water treatment plant has proved itself in many parameters of sustainability and the reuse of the treated water is the result of the same. Treated wastewater can be reused for purposes like irrigation, which conserves freshwater resources.
  • Compliance: By establishing an STP in an apartment we are not only keeping the environment clean and sustainable but also following many local and national regulations which requires apartments, complexes to compulsorily treat the sewage before discharge.

How does STP work for apartments?

We have understood the importance of STP’s in above mentioned points now, we’ll understood how the STP works for apartments, what is its procedure and method by which it use to clean the environment.

  • Collection: Collection of the wastewater coming out of the domestic and commercial apartments in one part for the process of its treatment is the first step of every sewage treatment plant.
  • Primary Treatment: After collection of wastewater the second step comes, in which, the physical process get used such as screening, sedimentation, and flotation to remove large solids and contaminants.
  • Secondary Treatment: The secondary treatment is primarily a biological processes, in which the activated sludge or trickling filters, are employed to break down the organic matter and further purify the water.
  • Tertiary Treatment (if required): More often the plant operators do not go for the tertiary treatment because this stage involves additional processes like filtration, chemical treatment, or UV disinfection for achieving the higher level of water quality.
  • Sludge Management: The solid waste which gets separated in the process of wastewater treatment is called sludge, is typically dewatered and may be further treated for safe disposal or reuse.
  • Discharge or Reuse: After the treatment of the water the last step is to discharge or reuse. The treated water can be discharged into the environment if it meets regulatory standards or reused for non-potable purposes within the apartment complex, such as irrigation or flushing toilets, and if it not required for any purpose of reuse, then it could be discharged into water bodies.

Now, we know the importance of having an STP in the apartment and the process it involve in treating the wastewater coming out of the apartment. The impact an STP creates in keeping the water bodies clean is impeccable and can’t be denied.

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