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10 Dec 2021

Importance of Sewage Water Treatment Plant-Explain

Importance of Sewage Water Treatment Plant-Explain By [Trity Enviro Solutions]

With the growing population in rural areas it has become necessary to have an state-of-the-art water treatments plants. The process of removing contaminants from wastewater is known as sewage treatment. Wastewater undergoes several chemical, physical and biological procedures and it results into environmentally safe treated effluent. Sewage treatment also leaves behind by-product that is semi-solid slurry called sewage sludge. This sewage sludge is further processed for the suitable land applications.

Sewage treatment or Wastewater treatment also includes wastewater treatment of wastewater from industries. Sewage water travels to water treatment plant through pipes and pumps.

Sewage Water Treatment Plants undergoes following basic processes:-

  1. Anaerobic Sewage Treatment
  2. Aerobic Sewage Treatment
  3. Primary Treatment
  4. Secondary Treatment
  5. Tertiary Treatment
  6. Sludge Treatment

1- Anaerobic Sewage Treatment:-

In anaerobic sewage treatment procedure the sewage is partially decomposed by the anaerobic bacteria in a vacuum tank.

anaerobic sewage treatment

2- Aerobic Sewage Treatment:-

In Aerobic Sewage Treatment procedure the pollutants are digested by the aerobic bacteria. This process removes odor and pollutants.

3- Primary Treatment:

In primary treatment the sewage flows through primary sedimentation tanks and the sludge settles down at the bottom of the tank and grease and oil float on the surface which can be easily removed.

4- Secondary Treatment:

In this treatment the biological waste such as human waste, soap, food and detergents are completely degraded. The effluents from this process are clean enough to discharge into rivers.

5- Tertiary Treatment:

This is the final stage where effluents is treated further to its best quality so that it can be discharge to environment.

6- Sludge Treatment:

The Sludge accomodated the bottom of is further treated to disposed in a safe manner. Sludge is processed and dewatered and further transported to dispose in the landfills and agriculture farms.

Importance of Sewage Water Treatment-

Although earth is surrounded by 70% of water, but only 2.5% is freshwater. Even the 70% of this freshwater is frozen in Greenland and Antarctica. That means only 1% of water we are able to use. With population around 7 Billion we cannot afford to waste water as everyone needs freshwater in their daily needs such as bathing, drinking, washing, cooking, toilet usage etc. Therefore if we recycle the wastewater then demand for fresh water can be reduced to satisfactory limits. We at Trity Enviro Solutions facilitate water treatment plants so that we can feel proud to share our efforts to make the world a better place.